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For a high-quality notarization of corporate law contracts, in addition to professional competence, human empathy is important. Our notary's office focuses on corporate law and will also find a precise solution for your economic objectives.

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Back in the 2nd century Marcus Aurelius already wrote: "We were born to work together". And up to date, clients are always looking for ways to cooperate. Therefore, inevitably they come into contact with the legal regulations of corporate law. German corporate law is a complex area of law. In some cases this complexity is further increased, as intersections with other areas of law have to be taken into account: Inheritance and family law for example and, above all, tax law.

We assist our clients by providing competent and detailed advice. In addition to our professional expertise, we always ensure a sensitive approach to emotionally charged issues, such as succession planning in the context of generational transfer. In this respect, we are always available as point of contact partner and companion for our clients on their way to the target company. Another one of our benefits is our access to all German and international (commercial) registers.

The notary public holds a public office and performs a sovereign function. He assists all parties involved in finding a legally correct, secure and balanced solution. In real estate law, we always have the appropriate notarial solution ready for you.

Our services

In corporate law we offer the following notarial services:

  • Determining the interests of the parties involved
  • Advising the founders and
  • Preparing a legally sound draft of the articles of incorporation including the articles of association or bylaws.

  • Determining the interests of the parties involved
  • Advising old and new shareholders on the purchase/sale of shares (share deal) and on company purchase agreements (asset or share deal).

  • Advising families on the subject of anticipated succession
  • Successive transfer in the case of generational change
  • Protection of the transferor (reservation of right of withdrawal, right of usufruct, annuity solution)

  • Determining the interests of the shareholders
  • Consultation and preparation of a legally secure draft for regulations of the shareholders' rights amongst each other (exit regulation, tag-along and drag-along, pooling agreements, employee participation)

  • Determining the interests of the shareholders
  • Consultation and preparation of a legally secure drafts of the desired capital measures (capital increase, conditional capital, capital reduction, redemption, etc.)

On-site notarial certification of company meetings and general meetings by means of the factual protocol according to Section 37 of the German Notarization Act (BeurkG) (for GmbH, AG, KGaA, SE)

  • Determining the interests of the parties involved
  • Advising the shareholders with regards to the target company, change of legal form, accretion, merger, spin-off, etc.

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In gesellschaftsrechtlichen Fragestellungen stehen wir Ihnen gerne als Ansprechpartner zur Verfügung:

Fabian Tietz

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