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In a crisis, a good contract provides answers to questions that no one asked when negotiating. This is especially true for contracts concerning real estate or condominiums, for which Section 311b of the German Civil Code requires mandatory notarization. We have the right answer to every one of your real estate law questions.

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Real estate transactions are typically transactions of special importance in the life of an individual. Particularly important are protection against haste, the correct phrasing of the will of the parties involved, the clarification of open points and the protection against unsecured advance payments. The observation of these points is the duty and objective of a good notary.

Our notary's office advises on real estate law with many years of experience and a well-established and well-coordinated team. We are always available to our clients as a contact and companion on the way to the transfer of ownership. We benefit from the fact that we can access all land registers as well as German and international (commercial) registers.

The notary is a holder of a public office and performs a sovereign activity. He assists all parties involved in finding a legally correct, secure and balanced solution. In real estate law, we always have the appropriate notarial solution ready for you.

Our services

In the field of real estate notarization, we offer the following services:

  • Determining the interests of the parties involved
  • Advising the parties to the purchase contract
  • Preparing a legally sound draft for the purchase/sale of an apartment (according to German Condominium Act) or a plot of land (by way of a share or asset deal)

  • Advising the parties and preparing a legally sound draft
  • Drafting the declaration of partition with community regulations

  • Advising families on the subject of anticipated succession
  • Safeguarding the transferor (reservation of right of rescission, right of usufruct, land charge on pension and/or right to maintenance and care, lifelong right of residence)

Advice on the commissioning of mortgages or other liens upon property and land charges for financing the purchase price or granting loans

  • Determining the interests of the parties involved
  • Advising the parties to the purchase agreement
  • Preparing a legally sound draft for the purchase/sale and establishment of heritable building rights or residential heritable building rights

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